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About DREF Corporation

Developed and patented in 1973 by its inventor Dr Ernest FEHRER, DREF technology has developed its own niche in the textile industry. Today, DREF machines can be found throughout the world, producing a very wide range of yarns made from animal hairs, recycled fibers from clips, natural and synthetic fibers that are too short to be processed by traditional means and asbestos substitutes.

DREF Technology

The general guideline on the use of DREF machine to process a fiber is that any fiber that can be carded to form a stable sliver can be processed by DREF machines to form yarns ranging from:

Resuming operations

In December of 2008, OERLIKON sold the DREF business and technology to DREF CORPORATION S/B of Malaysia where production of DREF machines has resumed. It is the stated policy of DREFCORP to maintain the exact standards of Dr. Fehrer in the construction of new DREF machines. This policy has been successfully implemented: DREF2000 and DREF3000 machines and their spare parts have been sold to customers throughout Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, and the Americas.

delivering to a total of 5 countries

Spare parts and DREF machine sales

Spare parts of DREF2000 and DREF3000 are available. We also support previous versions of DREF Spinning Machines. Potential buyers of DREF machines are encouraged to visit our factory, located close to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). We invite you to send ahead of your arrival, samples of the yarns you wish to produce and 25kg of fibers, in the form of stable slivers. There will be a processing fee involved and this fee will be deducted from the cost of the machine to be bought.

carding drum DREF spare part
carding spinning drum DREF spare part
carding parts DREF spare part
port of carding drum DREF spare part